Quayside rental

a perfect host for all ships

For Superyachts, commercial vessels and sea vessels

Eggerding’s Amsterdam Port Facility is the ideal destination for all Ship-2-Shore related business.
Our ISPS-terminal offers all aspects for modern shipping needs.
We can accommodate all types of vessels: Bulk carriers, Tankers, Multipurpose Vessels and even Superyachts!

We are proud to have partnerships with some famous Dutch shipbuilders and agencies.

Our Services include:

  • (un)Loading of sea going vessels, coasters and barges
  • Facilitate lay-by’s for example: waiting, maintenance, repair, bunkering
  • Projects like Heavy lifting & Hoisting, yacht launching & Ro-Ro,
  • Superyachts - from a complete refit to completion of superyachts of over one hundred meters
  • Electrical powered ships will be part of the future too
  • Shore power station, solar panel powered - up to 910amp
  • Fresh water, internet and abundant parking

For Superyachts, we have the perfect location - close to the Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam city center and public transport, as well as in the proximity for sea trials, the non-tidal basin, good depth and all basic needs ships and crew desire.

Our service-minded and flexible team make Eggerding a perfect host for all ships.

Thijs Boerma
 +31 (0)6 26 70 62 38

The Amsterdam port region is one of the world’s largest logistics hubs:
Port of Amsterdam Superyachts

Eggerding Amsterdam Quayside rental

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