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Processing, warehousing, logistics, customer specific distribution and supply and quay rental. Few companies offer the variety of services that Eggerding has provided its industrial mineral clients and partners over its more than sixty-year existence.

Eggerding was founded more than sixty years ago. Through diversification, development and innovation, Eggerding has grown into one of the prominent providers of industrial mineral processing and logistical solutions.

From its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Eggerding has grown from a single-facility operation to a multinational organization with a second processing plant in Richard’s Bay, South Africa, as well trading offices in Hong Kong and Itajai, Brazil. These strategic locations allow Eggerding to serve and facilitate its worldwide clientele with a diverse set of services and products.

Since its foundation, Eggerding has been and still remains an independent, family-owned enterprise. This has allowed Eggerding to enjoy a degree of independence which it proudly utilizes to meet the flexible demands of its global clientele.

Welcome to the world of Industrial Minerals. Welcome to Eggerding.

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