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The most recent of Eggerding’s ventures, Eggerding Brasil aims to facilitate South America’s growing industry and market for industrial minerals. Brazil’s feedstock-rich hinterland and growing industrial processes make Eggerding Brasil the accurate next step in The Group’s enduring vision of global presence within the world of industrial minerals. Itajai, with its well-equipped port and strong infrastructure is an excellent portal to the southern hemisphere. From the Brazil operations, Eggerding offers its global client base another gateway for sourcing and trading industrial minerals.

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Itajai port, Brazil

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Eggerding Brasil
 Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil

For General Commercial Inquiries

Michel Bolgheroni

 +55 48 9 9927 4133
Languages spoken: Portuguese - Flag of Brasil English - Flag of the United Kingdom

Fernando Joaquim Floriano
 +55 48 9 9800 4847
Languages spoken: Portuguese - Flag of Brasil English - Flag of the United Kingdom

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