Gateway to the Asian continent

Founded in 2006, Eggerding Asia serves as the Group’s gateway to the Asian continent and the Pacific region (Australia and New Zealand). Eggerding Asia operates in the fast-developing industries of minerals and chemicals of Asia and is responsible for The Eggerding Group’s coordination, accumulation and execution of sales and purchases within the territory.

For inquiries and information on how we can assist your operations, please refer to the contact information below.

Pieter Hoppenbrouwers

 +852 98 58 86 39
 p.hoppenbrouwers[at]eggerding [dot] com
Languages spoken: English - Flag of the United KingdomDutch - Flag of The Netherlands

Kelvin Lo

 +852 5130 7990
 kelvin.lo[at]eggerding [dot] com
Languages spoken: Chinese - Flag of ChinaCantonese - Flag of Hon KongEnglish - Flag of the United Kingdom

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